Friday, 21 June 2013

Evince Love

Unlock words
And there will be a way
Open your heart & say
The feelings intense inside
The emotions bottled up right.
Save a relation
Don’t let it burn to ashes
Rescue it, for
Later you might
Cry about
Fingers Burnt.
Reconcile with your heart
In which someone else dwell.
Love is the only treasure
In this ruthless world
Many will pass by
But not to stay
To deceive, to delude
To betray, be crude.
Don't let the one suffer
Who is true...
Disengage with silence
Break through
Mouth your heart out
For true love cross your path
Once in a lifetime.
Hold their hand
& relish life gleefully.
Unlock your mind
Let ego subside
Appreciate their existence
In your life
Consecrate yourself to the heart
Of that being.

PS : This was my entry for Picture Perception - II

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