Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rescue HER or Rescue Yourself

You killed HER in the womb Men
SHE who brought you life
You Shameful, You Ungrateful
Better SHE had let you die before birth Men
Before you ravished your own Daughter!

She is the one after God & Mother Nature
God endowed HER with that POWER
to give the GIFT OF LIFE and
You wreak HER LIFE !
You disrespect that POWER of HERs'
Giving her gangrene organs
A deadened life!

Soon the Races will Cease
The Descent will Collapse
And no Christ gonna come to redeem!
Rather a 'Kali' will appear
She will Rise to Rebel, to Resurrect
And show you your actual place Men
Which is below her foot!

You cant go a day without HER
You want HER to be your slave
Without showing her desires & getting tired...
And in return what u give her is Assault
Blood, Death, Rape, Acid on face!
Making her sterile, incapacitate,
Along with a disgrace!

But the high time has come Men
Gear towards your own Destruction,
She’s coming with a Sword to Slay you
in the form of 'Shakti'
to behead,
The MahaKali is Re-emerging to Re-enact!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

#DelhiGangRape -> Bruised Spirit

The news chilled me to the bones
For it could have been any of the girls
You, Me, Our Sister, Our friend...

If such cases will continue to transpire,
In fear of ‘HER’ Life,
Folks will stop sending their gals out
Quivering & Shivering of torments!

Why dont they understand?
The mental trauma a GIRL undergoes.
Physical injuries a doctor can heal
But what about the mental agonies?
Who’s gonna heal them?
A doctor, A Minister or A police officer!?

Even after saving 'HER' life,
Lending her breathe,
You think ‘SHE’ would survive through
that mortification of a molestation!?
Would punishing the culprits
make her a lead a normal life?

Why don't they understand?
Someday their own daughters
might be ravished!
Why such barbarous beastly brutal act?

These ministers who move
With security & guards
can never perceive their own daughter
In victims place for they are not commener!

Such pathetic cases
Would bring the doomsday soon
& its must come,
for ‘SHE’ would be safer
with the Demons & Satans of Hell
than the Devils & Belials of this Infernal Land !

PS : The post came out as my reaction to #DelhiGangRape! vexing & annoying state of affairs.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Gift of God - LoveFall

A casual friend
gradually an addiction
eventually a Blessing
A Gift of God.

First hand wave from a few steps distance
with heels unbalanced
mesmerizing glance
magical trance.

Both love drenched
A thirst quenching hug
A timeless drug
Soul touching moments.

The First Glimpse
The First Kiss
Playing with tresses
A Blend of Blush & Bliss.

A Cute Cuddle
Silenced world
Close Dribbles
Weariness Deadened.

He knelt with A Ring
She stood with closed eyes
Her eyes gleamed with amazement
A gift for you, he sighed!

They Danced a waltz
Moved across the floor
Arms in Arms Timid
Graceful Dance.

He held her high in air
Swayed round & round
Her arms opened
to be filled in with Him.

Craving for touch
every second
a want, a need
a deadly deed.

A visit to temple
Holding Hands in Hands
Pious notion in Hearts
Crispy Smiles, Beats Chimed.

Coffees brewed afterwards
Quick Kisses & Pecks
Showered every now & then
Relished Relaxed pace of life.

Ambles in Puddle
Meeting each others' gaze
Shy Smiles
Bask in Hearts.

Celebrations Surprises Presents Gifts
Small attempts to adorn the life with delight.
By God's grace we rightly encountered
our gift packs glittering bright.

Sketch courtesy - Dikshita Chaudhary

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Monkey Mommy

A monkey mommy in heavy rains
cuddled up against its
small sweet monkey baby.

Mommy covered the baby in its long arms
Not let a single raindrop poured baby
Whilst mommy got drenched entirely

A peer group came to bully
Mamma ran In heavy rain
seeking some other refuge.

She ran
baby went down completely
absolutely snuggled up to mommy.

She sat at other place up high with child
Lookin around in fright
if somebody could again come
and trouble them!?

Seeing no one around
Made its baby feel
cosy comfy In arms!

After a few hours,
Rain ceased.
Mother sought
Lices in young one’s hair
& swallowing those lices
Caressed or scratched the baby's back
i couldn't figure out.....

But when did your mum do that?
Remember? Any answer?
When was such love showered upon u?
your hair were fondled?
When was your head blessed?

In those moments,
I saw love & care
In this epoch found so rare!
Nowadays almost extincting like species of animals!
I just wished, I too had a monkey mother!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Relationships and Our choices

Firstly I'd like to remind you all that we build relationships to love & not quarrel.
Love more & fight occassionally just for a change.
Love when its possible,
Forgive when its not so huge an issue,
Making Love is Easy But Making Peace is Tough (as well as essential)
Breaking Up is Easy while Holding On is Tough.
Go for the tougher thing in life, only then you’ll Learn, Gain & Grow.
It requires an effort from both sides - to believe, to forgive, relinquish fights & persevere relationship.

Ignore some habits which you dislike in your partner or rather accept it gracefully for difference of opine/ habits will always be there with whosoever you stay; in life there comes a point where we dont even agree with our parents, so its next to impossible to have no differences. However, one has to cope with parents, partners and others. And its good to be different, as its boring to live with shadows, so you better enjoy the differences, respect them & learn from each other whatever you can & help each other grow.


At the end of the day you decide what is substantial? Rshp OR Ego/Arguement?
Its always you who decide what u want - Disputes & Conflicts? OR Love, Harmony & Peace?
Decide and act accordingly.

Even if you’re at the verge of breaking up , you always have the choice of saying to your partner, “No, dont go, I cant stay without you, I love you” which we often dont do & rather hold on to our ego & let the person go.
Apologise, Hug, Console, Make things up. Clarify patiently peacefully politely. Listen to each other calmly. Most importantly keep the tone of voice loving & understanding...dont be agitated that aggravates the situations most!

Try to look at the other person’s concerns, possessiveness, angst as hidden love for you. It has various feelings for you somewhere down the line, which we ignore in rage.

If you’re having bad times with your partner, remember the good times you’d together.
Nothing changes except our choices.
If you’re happy, then you simply choose to be;
if you’re sad, its because you’ve chosen that.
Everything in our life is a CHOICE.

Look at the positive aspects in everyone. Forget the negative. Do appreciate overtly what you like, it helps you both know what you like about each other & that way they will always retain what you like. Thrust aside criticism, focus on good. Leave those arguements which seem weak & baseless; rather interrupt with a kiss ;)
To Quote Shakepeare, “ Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.”
Thus you decide how you look at things.

After every dispute, you get two choices – hold together your  Ego or Love; you can only choose one.
Choice is yours. Make right choices.

Give Love, Appreciation, Apologies & you’ll get em back.
Nag at your partner, Complaint, Irritate & you’ll get back the same.
Choice is yours. Decide what you want. Behave nicely.

Agitation,  Turmoil, Upheaval – in your life or relationship exists only because you chose it.
If you want a change, shift ur perceptions, change the way you look at things & everything else will change. Revel in all what you have. 

If you can listen a Song - Dance, for many don't have ears, legs, hands, cell fones, laptops, ipods!
Sing even if u feel you’re a Bad Singer for many are Mute!
Hold on to your Partner for many crave for one!

Positivity comes from gratitude ;
To quote, “ I cried because I’d no shoes till I saw a man who had no feet.”
Have as much fun as you can, which is a choice.

VALUE what you’ve – if you dont, you’ll  LOOSE it for sure..whether its your partner or anything else in life.

Its We who make our lives labyrinths & nobody else so blame yourself, if you regret right now for anything. Moreover, it always takes two to make a quarrel so you cant blame wholly the other person. Admit that you’re also wrong somewhere.
To quote “ Finding Fault is Easy, Correcting your own fault is difficult.”
(Go for tougher as mentioned earlier)
Rectify your own mistakes first.
There is only one way to rescue your Relationship - Reconcile after every fight, always get back to your partner after taking your space.

Now I’d say, not just in terms on relationships but in every aspect of life.
Dont Lacerate, it might be Lethal for any soul, keep a watch over you words.
There are two ways of uttering negative side of your patner or any other individual, one would be Encouraging & other would be Discouraging. Speak politely with suggestions how one can reform. Dont harass anybody with constant criticism, it may make one dishearted & discouraged! Dont nag at anybody. They may end up even trying to get better.
To conclude, Help your partner as well as every other individual in becoming better beings...only then you’re true partners & humane.

No Love Stories come sweet & sugary from Heaven like Fairy Tales, you’ve to strive and make it a Happy Ending Fairy Tale =)

Give time & all will be well. With time the bond gets strong so dont give up soon, if you’re unable to adjust in the beginning. Staying together even after major setbacks is a choice.

PS – These are some of my experiences of life. Jotting down these experiences for it may help many, I'm sure, & as the song goes.....
Ekko hai kahani bas badle zamana! Aahun aahun aahun from Love Ajkal  :D(ance)
God Bless you reader.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Befallen Angel

A Cherub came from Celestial Abode
A Blessing to Safeguard
me from all the Hazard
& Haphazard in my Life’s Ride.

Befell over me, covered me
To protect me & share life.
He hid me underneath,
I felt so Safe Secure Serene

As i got Divine Seraph
We laid-back dormant torpid
Just We & Tranquility around...
Silent Blessed sound

Of our Souls We heard
Uttering we both were Gifted
To each other Forever
To Abide Together.

Peace Penetrated Pervaded into life
Like the crack of Dawn
Light Entered, Love Wrapped
Enthralled, Entranced, Enchanted...

Beheld Beautiful Soul
with closed eyes
Buried the Barriers of World
for Heavenly Consent were sent to Us!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Two doves
from Two different states
came along
sang a single song.

Togetherness perceived
Solitude healed
visualized dreams
of life’s cream.

Fluttered wings
Flied across seas & oceans
Took refuge
In trees overseas.

Had bird bath
Scooped water in beaks
& Foreign Fruits
In Fresh Colorful Orchard.

Preened each other affectionately
Rested, Roosted
Perched on a thick branch
Amid vast greenness, thence

Beaks locked
Blushed she dove a bit.
In the realm of paradise          
Eternally mesmerised.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ah! That joyride!

That was a splendid night
When she stole her own scooter,
Fled with her lover
For a ride!

In sheer darkness & silence
where nobody could notice
their joys n jests,
sweet kisses n pecks...

Flew they without wings though
Chilly gale smacked their faces
posed crazily for snaps
while riding & kissing incessantly.

She held him tight from behind
Lavishly caressed hither & thither
Placed her chin on his shoulder
smooched his neck, nape & cheeks more than lips!

Placed her hands open, over his
When he rode,
As two bodies
Lay upon each other & cuddle.

Wandered on deserted alleys
explored Several Silent Streets
where gales of their laughter
played as Music!

Muttered kisses onto his ears,
when out of breath
stayed closely stuck
Jubilant of having each other.

She came back home
Before the morning star rose
Stealthily garaged her scooter
Crept towards her room & slept.

Life - an excursion

Life is like riding a two wheeler vehicle :
when we are fine, we accelerate.
when obstacles come in the way
we decelerate or apply brake.

Life moves on like a bus/train :
people come & go,
play their part, show
true sides & drift apart.

Life is like a voyage :
Where wrecks are inevitable
Toiling hard & surviving agonies
makes us invincible.

Life is like a Flight :
Where Crashes, Destruction, Desolation
Happen no matter what...
Retreat Restore Revive & Resurrect

Amid all the clutter n fright of life,
Hope keeps us from Decline & Fall.