Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Gift of God - LoveFall

A casual friend
gradually an addiction
eventually a Blessing
A Gift of God.

First hand wave from a few steps distance
with heels unbalanced
mesmerizing glance
magical trance.

Both love drenched
A thirst quenching hug
A timeless drug
Soul touching moments.

The First Glimpse
The First Kiss
Playing with tresses
A Blend of Blush & Bliss.

A Cute Cuddle
Silenced world
Close Dribbles
Weariness Deadened.

He knelt with A Ring
She stood with closed eyes
Her eyes gleamed with amazement
A gift for you, he sighed!

They Danced a waltz
Moved across the floor
Arms in Arms Timid
Graceful Dance.

He held her high in air
Swayed round & round
Her arms opened
to be filled in with Him.

Craving for touch
every second
a want, a need
a deadly deed.

A visit to temple
Holding Hands in Hands
Pious notion in Hearts
Crispy Smiles, Beats Chimed.

Coffees brewed afterwards
Quick Kisses & Pecks
Showered every now & then
Relished Relaxed pace of life.

Ambles in Puddle
Meeting each others' gaze
Shy Smiles
Bask in Hearts.

Celebrations Surprises Presents Gifts
Small attempts to adorn the life with delight.
By God's grace we rightly encountered
our gift packs glittering bright.

Sketch courtesy - Dikshita Chaudhary


  1. WOW! Love you both :D Stay blessed :*

  2. Lovely post. Nothing could have been a better gift. God bless you both loveky souls :* <3

  3. This is the best gift ever received! :) Thank you so much! :) You already posted by 10:25? Shya I never checked.

  4. Thanks to all :) & i posted at 11:55 but draft was all set by 10:25. IDk whats the problem with time here.

  5. Wowwwwww!!! Varsha dearie...HATS OFF TO U :) You express so so so welll!!

  6. Its so so very well written.. :)