Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Love in stadium

It was 9:55 am. She was sound asleep. Her cell phone buzzed & she woke up. She checked texts from her friend Deepali,"where are you? Coming for lecture or not?" She replied,"just woke up, reaching in 15-20mins." She got up, jumped towards her wardrobe, gazed all the green shades... She took out a bright green top & jeans. She had shower quickly & rode towards college. She entered campus & passed by the cricket ground where guys played. She saw the guy batting, hit a shot far away & then moving his bat in air just like practicing shot. She was never interested in cricket, it was something that repelled her most. She accelerated as well as looked at him till she reached the brink of colliding with a professor's car! She heard the horn, took her glance off the boy & turned her face on the car that was absolutely in front of her & the professor gave her an indignant look. She said,"Sorry Sir" & disappeared from there, reached near lecture hall, her friend was waiting for her. They went inside for lecture, but she couldn't concentrate on lecture, she was lost in the green ground where boys were playing & that boy was still playing with his bat on the back of her mind. She left the class without saying anything to anybody. The professor with whose car she was about to collide, caught him in the corridor. She was scarred about confronting him so she stealthily left the corridor.

She moved towards the cricket ground. She saw that guy again moving around with his friends, chattering. The boy caught her looking at him. He smiled at her. She smiled back. He came closer to her smirking & said,"what fascinated you so much about my shot that you almost collided with the professor!" She replied in a faltering way,"nothing, it just happened, I don't know, why, what happened, whatever, chuck it." He said, "you can sit in stadium & look at us but not while riding." She smilingly said,"okay". She suddenly got interested in cricket. She sat in the stadium to stare the guy and she couldn't know when it turned a habit. She had fallen for him by the end of a month. She just couldn't say it, though she wanted to shout out aloud in stadium, "I'm in love" but she wanted the guy to initiate. So she waited for a month more & the guy had fallen for her too as he saw her daily in the stadium cheering. He saw her very close to her, just like his bat. He loved his bat & now he loved the girl equally. Cricket was his passion, now he was passionate about the girl too. One day after the match, they both grew irresistible & they both knew inwardly that the feeling was mutual. He went closer to her & brushed his lips against hers softly. He was a man of cricket, so he abstained words & said it all through his kiss. But she was a girl of fairy tales, she just held his hand in hers entwined. They sat in stadium side by side blushing & chattering.

PS : Sorry for not using cricket register, that's because I am not into it & have no idea of terms! It was just a try of going into something I detest i.e. cricket!

Lizard's Love

A lizard cuddling wall
Having bed & breakfast
Mosquitoes falling prey to it.
Like a beloved
resting on lover's chest.

Do men fall prey to women
or women become bait to men?

The loyal Lizards
surpass humans
for it woos only walls!

Mosquitoes just pass through
but successfully fail to attract lizard.

Do women fail men successfully,
enticing to temptation?
or men fool women,
through evasiveness?

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Loosing Control - a Training for Life

Loosing control in aggression & pouring out frustration

Loosing control in agitation & loosing friends, family, love

Loosing control in depression & sinking in negation

Loosing control in trauma & grief-stricken

Loosing control in mind & thinking yelling rebelling inside aloud

Loosing control for you faced Fate's NO & disbelieving faith

Loosing control for God controlled Destiny & trusting atheism

Loosing control in heart & screaming disheartened

Loosing track of right & wrong; wavering on the horns of dilemma!

Loosing control in obsession & getting high

Loosing control in blues & bursting into tears

Regaining Control & Retreating back to Senses & Life

Loosing control yet smiling slightly with a frowned heart

Loosing melancholia & gaining Life

Loosing Negativity, Fright & regaining self-confidence

Loosing control in festivities & dancing the night away

Loosing control in giggles & falling off the chair

Loosing control & laughing boisterously in high spirits

Loosing control after winning & jumping in joy!
Loosing control - a training for life.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Reflection in Mirror

I looked down deep in my eyes
traced some queer melancholia
tried to purge myself of pain
lips struggled to smile
finally, adorned my lips with smile.

Again gazed my eyes
He dwelt in those tiny eye balls
In that moment he glared me
Explored my soul
Residing in my heart.

Strong belief overpowered
He'll be mine
even after births pass
intact we
intertwined by Almighty.

My eyes possessed his permanent reflection
My ears heard him even though he didn't speak
My soul craved for his sublime soul eternally
My sole reason of sustenance was he
My heart fell for him infinitely!

PS : I thought of writing it as contribution in #LookingThroughTheMirror post by Aditi @islejazz but couldn't complete it at that time.