Friday, 12 April 2013

He changed a girl's life

My uncle who married thrice, but any of his marriage didn't survive, for he was a drunkard, fraudster, uneducated, irresponsible person whole life. My father helped him get employment at various places, but he cheated people. My uncle had one daughter namely Kavita from his first marriage, who was mistreated by her step mother (uncle's second wife) when she was two years old. Her step mother locked her up in a dark room to frighten her. That day, my father visited their house, he found the little girl locked up, though he couldn't say anything at that moment, he didn't want to interfere in their matter, but he felt sad about the little girl Kavita. He came back home, cried for her. Then, he decided that he'll bring up Kavita for the rest of her life. He took the responsibilty of the girl on his shoulders. That changed the life of the girl, who got her proper education, worked in an MNC and other places and is now happily married. On the contrary, her step brother, who is a child of my uncle's second wife, spoiled his life like his own father, he's also a drunkard, fraudster, uneducated, irresponsible, though my father tried that he could also get education and insisted that he should go school, but he was never interested and followed in my uncle's footsteps. Thus, my father's one step changed the life of Kavita.

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