Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I Saw, I Learnt

When i was pursuing graduation (SYBA) I became friends with a senior Blossom Francis & one day got a chance to meet her mother Mrs. Rosy Francis. She is a widow. She lost her husband after a couple of years of her marriage, her children were just two or three year old then. She has two daughters. She was mistreated by her in-laws after the death of her husband.

She told me that her father arranged her marriage when she was very young. Her father liked the guy while some of their relatives informed that the guy has some health problems associated to kidney. But the father or Mrs. Rosy distrusted them and was adamant to get her married to that guy. So they got married and after a couple of years, her husband died of kidney/renal failure. Though Mrs Rosy donated her own kidney to her husband to save his life but the transplanted kidney didn't work and she continued to live on one kidney since then, for her daughters. She educated her daughters, took care of their every need. Her father also helped her in bringing up his grand daughters'.

Mrs. Rosy's story changed my perception of love and dedication towards the partner, regardless of arrange or love marriage. I was 18-19 that time and my perceptions of love were more or less shaped by only romantic movies then. To sacrifice a body part in real life is bigger than sacrificing life in reel life. And the dedication for my partner will be like Mrs. Rosy or may be even more, that's what I saw and learnt. I also salute the lady for her courage to live without remarrying and dedication towards her daughters after the death of husband.

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

And She Blushed

It was the month of love,
Love was in the air as well as in the breathe of lovers.
The heart shaped red balloons as spry as cupid's move,
The red roses as wonderful as music of heartbeats.

He wore her favourite perfume,
She put on his favourite shade - red.
It was the first valentine together,
there were to celebrate.

He got a bunch of red roses, for her.
He stood waiting & she suddenly appeared.
His eyes emitted spotlight on her
And she blushed, love sparkled in her eyes.

Her crimson dimples defined infinite love
Her glossy curls fanned by air
Her ceaseless blissful smiles to have him as partner
Her proud kohled eyes shaped his life.

He walked towards her to take her in his arms
She surrendered herself into him as a mermaid
Partly his, partly hers
Their souls merged in that deep hug.

Their hearts could dance intimately
on the same rhythms rhyming to
each others buzz...
Blushing faces they were
Clad in bright smiles
Drowned in Delight
of Love, of Life.

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Fear of Failure

Rashmi for the first time failed in her life in 8th standard, in mathematics. She was taken aback as she looked at her score card. She thought of herself as an average student but this one failure made her feel so pathetic. She lost all her confidence. At night, she was lying in her bed numb for whole night. She got up at 4am, passed by parents’ room & overheard her father saying to her mother,
“Rashmi has disappointed me for the first time in life. I never asked my children to top and secure highest grades, but passing is the least I expect from them. Couldn’t they give me back this little, in return of the efforts I’m making to educate them. Our father didn’t have enough money to educate us, and here, I’m trying to educate them but they ain’t willing to, may be, I don’t know! What? And Why?”

Rashmi eavesdropped her father and tears rolled down her cheeks. She knew she had disappointed her parents. She went on the terrace, cried for long. She made a promise to herself that she’ll never disappoint her family again, in her whole life, never let them down.

She worked hard for compartment and passed. Later when she went to school, she felt embarrassed in her class to share her result with her friends. Though a few more got compartment, but they were habitual to it, but Rashmi was not.

The feared from failing again, she dreaded it. She knew she won’t be able to take the pains of failing ever again in her life, this fear of failure gave her strength to work hard all her life.

PS : This was my entry for #Microfiction #Fear wrote on 28June, 2013 but published late.