Saturday, 10 November 2012

Monkey Mommy

A monkey mommy in heavy rains
cuddled up against its
small sweet monkey baby.

Mommy covered the baby in its long arms
Not let a single raindrop poured baby
Whilst mommy got drenched entirely

A peer group came to bully
Mamma ran In heavy rain
seeking some other refuge.

She ran
baby went down completely
absolutely snuggled up to mommy.

She sat at other place up high with child
Lookin around in fright
if somebody could again come
and trouble them!?

Seeing no one around
Made its baby feel
cosy comfy In arms!

After a few hours,
Rain ceased.
Mother sought
Lices in young one’s hair
& swallowing those lices
Caressed or scratched the baby's back
i couldn't figure out.....

But when did your mum do that?
Remember? Any answer?
When was such love showered upon u?
your hair were fondled?
When was your head blessed?

In those moments,
I saw love & care
In this epoch found so rare!
Nowadays almost extincting like species of animals!
I just wished, I too had a monkey mother!