Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wrinkled Anger

Cleansing the said
removing its effect,
I fall on your chest
leaving behind resentment
fall for your spirit.

Listen to unsaid
blank verses of your beats,
They sing a choir
of our love.

A touch of rock
sculpted into gem
A green leaf turned pale
fallen and dead.

We are flowers dried
yet rejoice
the fading skins
as pious as
Mother Mary's wings.

PS: The poem featured in Purple Hues, an international anthology published by Sanmati publishers, Delhi.

Obscure platter

Absence speaks
presence belies
Dreams defy
Incomplete tales
supersede composite.

Surreal compounds
concomitant connotations
Reality deceives
more than fakery does.

One can only condone
with the demons around
Fair and Unfair Unite
Incomprehensibly Undefined.

Right and wrong vanishes
Segregating line become inconspicuous
Sometimes one can't act
but only accept

The platter offered
by Fate.

Reigning Reins

The reins of mind need control
Feed them with right food.
They run in fury
Thoughtlessness prevails
or thoughts abound to drown.

Let your heart reign
over those reins.
Righteous derailed
could come back
on the track.

The right eyes
can recognize
the sugar lying in disguise.
The violet blues
violently waiting for you
surmount them.

Vale of thoughts
goes on & on
The reins of mind
run like a beast.
Retain the reins
of instinctive spirit.

Potent truth

Dive in the layers of truth
Core that forms you
Blindly brutal
Brew your senses fool
Blend them to know
The realities
Beneath blanketed heart
Blackened head.

Turn on truth
Befriend a Muse
Touch the change
Witness invisible
All that is within.

Transcend boundaries
that limit you
Disseminate the wings of spirit
An abode awaits
To catch,
to scratch
to unravel the roads
of infinite.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Miss Lovely

Five Hindi films that made my mind stir..

1) Udaan - The ending of this movie is thought provoking. Rajat Barmecha (Rohan) is not sure about what kind of life he is gonna have but he takes up the challenge to enter in an unseen Uncertain Cave, a new life which will certainly get him rid of his father's torments, but it also opens doors for new kind of struggles and opportunities. Such a move takes a lot of courage and its a life changing decision and it may make him go astray or it may give him a new ray. Moreover, he decides to take his little step brother with him, he is not insensitive towards the little kid. He knows that this little kid will add to his responsibilities and he knows that leaving him with father will only make his life hell. Hence, a lesson of taking up responsibility, challenges, struggles, and making life with own hands is what strikes me most and leaving behind what does not let you live or grow at all. In real life, students commit suicide for small failures in life but here is the guy who does not lose his mind, rather he uses his mind to make a  new life.

2) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag - In this movie, specifically that scene where Meesha shafi (Perizad) tries to seduce Farhan Akhtar (Milkha Singh) in swimming pool. He says, "ye meri khud se ladai hai." This dialogue made me feel that somehow love and lust both distract you from your goals. And his short term affair with Rebacca Breeds (Stella) made him feel that she keeps him from his dreams. Movie as a whole gives a message that if you want to achieve something, your entire focus should be on your goals and I feel its an apt message for the current generation as they are more into love and lust, consequently, they have no goals to chase.

3) 3 Idiots - I loved this movie because of the strong message it gives in relation to the profession students choose. Sometimes parents force their dreams on their children which is not right on their part. And also the ignorance of some students who choose Engineering then go for MBA and then work in Banks, Amir Khan (Rancho) calls Sanjay Lafont (Suhas) a Gadha for making such choices in life. And I find many such people in real life too who are not sure of what they want to do in life, they are just moving like cattles in the crowd so its a good lesson for them.

4) Table No. 21 - The movie takes up the sensitive issue of ragging in an unusual way. I feel the message is strong and must change those insensitive hearts who are around us. How a normal child becomes mentally challenged just because of severe ragging, it moved me and I hope it change the people who rag unnecessarily.

5) Swades - The movie gives a message of developing your own homeland no matter how much you have studied and progressed. It makes me feel like staying in India and adding to the development of my own country instead of going to some other country and adding to their resources. You owe development to your homeland.

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A demon that haunts
Comes or not, a matter of chance.
Fades or finds, the heart.
If chokes them, it bleeds and dies.
The blots stay safely etched in life.

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Monday, 11 November 2013

She - rare to see

Complications survived
More than she

Hatred breed
More than

Puzzles blanked
Minds blanketed with

Tricky is he
Who plays it

Hold you in pain
Rare species,
on the verge of extinct.

Turning more humane
Than he.

Reversing the symphony
Entangled in a knotty

Trying to catch poise - she
Flies & cries
Steals & hides.

Her endurance
A rare feature
A Rare creature - She.

Laughter diminishing
Slaughter multiplying
Every hour.

Grumbles touching skies
but no rescue provides
His tyrant world.