Sunday, 27 January 2013


Reeti was a daughter of a navy officer. Since she belonged to elite class, her father received invitations in dinner parties, which she loved to attend. She was an ebullient girl with charisma. Once in such party, she was seemingly very perky and frolicsome, suddenly she collided with a gentleman who was walking with a tray in his hands, filled with some snacks which fell on her red evening gown. He said, “I’m so sorry” repeatedly with an anxious countenance. She smiled humbly and said, “That's alright, may be it was my fault, not yours” and she hastened towards washroom. He was surprised by her modesty and the unusual jovial smile. She came back and was absolutely cool-headed. Soon he got busy with his work. She captured his eyes again, when she was dancing a waltz with an aged man possibly her grandfather’s age. Both danced amiably & the crowd gazed them with a smile & that guy got more impressed & interested as well.
The party got over, she was bidding adieu to the people she knew. That guy came closer & said, “you danced well.” She replied gracefully, “thanks” with her sheen smile. He further said, “I guess I’ve seen you before I can’t recall where, may be in a party.”
She replied, “may be; I’m habitual with such parties.”
He asked, “may I know your name Miss”
She said, “I’m Reet Dsouza” and you?
“I’m Amit Tiran working as caterer, I did my Hotel Management two years back from IIHM & got a job in Pune itself, about to get promotion & placement in Taj group Mumbai. So I’m gonna shift there soon."
Reet’s father intervened & said, “we’re getting late, lets go”. She hurriedly said, “bye” to Amit & left.
Both Reet & Amit went back to their places that night & retired to bed soon but both couldn’t sleep despite weariness. They both were reminiscing each other, great deal of telepathy happened. He closed his eyes & recalled her amicable smile. She closed her eyes & couldn’t get her head off, the short conversation they had. She said to herself, “if only daddy hadn’t interrupted & I could have talked to him for long.” Both thinking of each other, got up from their beds’ & turned on laptop, logged in to their FB id & searched each other & found. Both at the same time were online, this simple fact brought smile on their faces. Then they continued their conversation via chat thereafter video calls. Some attraction towards each other they felt. The chats continued till the dawn broke, they were sleepy heads falling on the keyboards yet willing to chat endlessly, stay in touch forever & ever. Every moment, every second, they showered shy smiles, loud giggles & grins followed by blush & basked in hearts, as if they had found their soulmate in a single meeting. 

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Miss Leaf

You all love Rose
but not me
I feel so snubbed.

They never came closer
to caress me
to stare me.

They glanced me occasionally
when i bathed in dewdrops
I Thank my bosom friend Rain.

I gave them lush sights
The Evergreen Beaut
the Verdure, the Grassland.

Ran their reckless fingers
None of them had Green Fingers
They ripped me, neglecting my Teardrops.

They tore my heart out
and I couldn't even sulk,
growl or grumble.

My heart sank but
I subsisted on Hope
Someday they will agonize

the significance of color GREEN
& The LIFE I Gave them
in form of BREATHE!

PS - Photo Credit : Sunny Parampil @SunnyParampil He's worlds best photographer :) Huge fan of his pictures.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Cloak binding Love

A cloak he got for her
She preserved,
Wore it seldom
When felt lonesome,
Stared it deep
Beheld his smiling countenance in it....

Waited for him late night
He would come
Drape it on her bod &
She’d mantle him onto her....
They shall eternally unite
Beneath Deep Down Dark Cloak
Mingling of breathe, forever respite
Steadfast knot to never be untied.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

First visit to bar

Ashmita woke up, went to the bathroom & looked at the mirror. She was as restless as the tidal wave in her mind. She couldn’t believe that she had made one of the biggest mistakes of her life. She placed her palm on her mouth. Her eyes were brimmed with the guilt & realization as if she had come back to senses. She wept vehemently, yelled out of angst, thrashed her clenched fist on mirror & her palm bled profusely pouring her whole hand in blood. 

She sat reclining against the wall of bathroom, staring her hand. Then melancholic memories revisited her. She was calm outwardly despite the injured hand because the inward turmoil continued to vex her so much as to let her forget the pain in hand. She turned introspective.

She had slept with a bartender, though she had gone to the bar with an intention of getting high to forget the miseries she was already surrounded with, but behaving immorally was the worst crimes for her. She boozed for the first time that day and she didn’t know how it let her lose senses. She was alone & the amorous bartender took the advantage

She was an estranged woman, lately left her husband for he was a philanderer, which she didn’t know as their families tied the knot previous year. She found herself all alone amid chaotic paths of life as if had been flung in an ocean.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

I flow, I go

The ‘brook’ called ‘life’
Is in a state of flux
Unceasing incessant...

With the ‘dirt’ called ‘clutter’
Which dwells in mind
All the time...

Some people come
Contribute to the filth
While some other revere...

Some came, bullied
Helped me turn stronger
Let me know my strength...

They moved on as I did
With lessons learned
Carved in stones...

Human has this habit of polluting
As they do rivulet
I sail in the ‘boat’ of ‘life’

I continue to Swim
with my Fins
passing the stage of fish out of water...

This stream is moving with me now
& so also the sky up high
Nobody else, just the three of us!

As parts of nature
We all came here as one
We shall have to mingle again...

Before that I would
Fulfill my functions
In this ‘world’ of ‘junctions’

With this rising sun
I aim to rise up &
Illuminate your lives with light.

PS : Poem inspired by Picture of Ashwin @gods_evangelos & also by a comment on FB by Sneha Mehta @SamDLifeCoach. Thanks to both of you :) God Bless.