Friday, 25 January 2013

Miss Leaf

You all love Rose
but not me
I feel so snubbed.

They never came closer
to caress me
to stare me.

They glanced me occasionally
when i bathed in dewdrops
I Thank my bosom friend Rain.

I gave them lush sights
The Evergreen Beaut
the Verdure, the Grassland.

Ran their reckless fingers
None of them had Green Fingers
They ripped me, neglecting my Teardrops.

They tore my heart out
and I couldn't even sulk,
growl or grumble.

My heart sank but
I subsisted on Hope
Someday they will agonize

the significance of color GREEN
& The LIFE I Gave them
in form of BREATHE!

PS - Photo Credit : Sunny Parampil @SunnyParampil He's worlds best photographer :) Huge fan of his pictures.