Saturday 19 January 2013

First visit to bar

Ashmita woke up, went to the bathroom & looked at the mirror. She was as restless as the tidal wave in her mind. She couldn’t believe that she had made one of the biggest mistakes of her life. She placed her palm on her mouth. Her eyes were brimmed with the guilt & realization as if she had come back to senses. She wept vehemently, yelled out of angst, thrashed her clenched fist on mirror & her palm bled profusely pouring her whole hand in blood. 

She sat reclining against the wall of bathroom, staring her hand. Then melancholic memories revisited her. She was calm outwardly despite the injured hand because the inward turmoil continued to vex her so much as to let her forget the pain in hand. She turned introspective.

She had slept with a bartender, though she had gone to the bar with an intention of getting high to forget the miseries she was already surrounded with, but behaving immorally was the worst crimes for her. She boozed for the first time that day and she didn’t know how it let her lose senses. She was alone & the amorous bartender took the advantage

She was an estranged woman, lately left her husband for he was a philanderer, which she didn’t know as their families tied the knot previous year. She found herself all alone amid chaotic paths of life as if had been flung in an ocean.

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