Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rescue HER or Rescue Yourself

You killed HER in the womb Men
SHE who brought you life
You Shameful, You Ungrateful
Better SHE had let you die before birth Men
Before you ravished your own Daughter!

She is the one after God & Mother Nature
God endowed HER with that POWER
to give the GIFT OF LIFE and
You wreak HER LIFE !
You disrespect that POWER of HERs'
Giving her gangrene organs
A deadened life!

Soon the Races will Cease
The Descent will Collapse
And no Christ gonna come to redeem!
Rather a 'Kali' will appear
She will Rise to Rebel, to Resurrect
And show you your actual place Men
Which is below her foot!

You cant go a day without HER
You want HER to be your slave
Without showing her desires & getting tired...
And in return what u give her is Assault
Blood, Death, Rape, Acid on face!
Making her sterile, incapacitate,
Along with a disgrace!

But the high time has come Men
Gear towards your own Destruction,
She’s coming with a Sword to Slay you
in the form of 'Shakti'
to behead,
The MahaKali is Re-emerging to Re-enact!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

#DelhiGangRape -> Bruised Spirit

The news chilled me to the bones
For it could have been any of the girls
You, Me, Our Sister, Our friend...

If such cases will continue to transpire,
In fear of ‘HER’ Life,
Folks will stop sending their gals out
Quivering & Shivering of torments!

Why dont they understand?
The mental trauma a GIRL undergoes.
Physical injuries a doctor can heal
But what about the mental agonies?
Who’s gonna heal them?
A doctor, A Minister or A police officer!?

Even after saving 'HER' life,
Lending her breathe,
You think ‘SHE’ would survive through
that mortification of a molestation!?
Would punishing the culprits
make her a lead a normal life?

Why don't they understand?
Someday their own daughters
might be ravished!
Why such barbarous beastly brutal act?

These ministers who move
With security & guards
can never perceive their own daughter
In victims place for they are not commener!

Such pathetic cases
Would bring the doomsday soon
& its must come,
for ‘SHE’ would be safer
with the Demons & Satans of Hell
than the Devils & Belials of this Infernal Land !

PS : The post came out as my reaction to #DelhiGangRape! vexing & annoying state of affairs.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Gift of God - LoveFall

A casual friend
gradually an addiction
eventually a Blessing
A Gift of God.

First hand wave from a few steps distance
with heels unbalanced
mesmerizing glance
magical trance.

Both love drenched
A thirst quenching hug
A timeless drug
Soul touching moments.

The First Glimpse
The First Kiss
Playing with tresses
A Blend of Blush & Bliss.

A Cute Cuddle
Silenced world
Close Dribbles
Weariness Deadened.

He knelt with A Ring
She stood with closed eyes
Her eyes gleamed with amazement
A gift for you, he sighed!

They Danced a waltz
Moved across the floor
Arms in Arms Timid
Graceful Dance.

He held her high in air
Swayed round & round
Her arms opened
to be filled in with Him.

Craving for touch
every second
a want, a need
a deadly deed.

A visit to temple
Holding Hands in Hands
Pious notion in Hearts
Crispy Smiles, Beats Chimed.

Coffees brewed afterwards
Quick Kisses & Pecks
Showered every now & then
Relished Relaxed pace of life.

Ambles in Puddle
Meeting each others' gaze
Shy Smiles
Bask in Hearts.

Celebrations Surprises Presents Gifts
Small attempts to adorn the life with delight.
By God's grace we rightly encountered
our gift packs glittering bright.

Sketch courtesy - Dikshita Chaudhary