Friday, 21 June 2013

Evince Love

Unlock words
And there will be a way
Open your heart & say
The feelings intense inside
The emotions bottled up right.
Save a relation
Don’t let it burn to ashes
Rescue it, for
Later you might
Cry about
Fingers Burnt.
Reconcile with your heart
In which someone else dwell.
Love is the only treasure
In this ruthless world
Many will pass by
But not to stay
To deceive, to delude
To betray, be crude.
Don't let the one suffer
Who is true...
Disengage with silence
Break through
Mouth your heart out
For true love cross your path
Once in a lifetime.
Hold their hand
& relish life gleefully.
Unlock your mind
Let ego subside
Appreciate their existence
In your life
Consecrate yourself to the heart
Of that being.

PS : This was my entry for Picture Perception - II

Intuitive Love

They were celebrating their 21st marriage anniversary. After the party ended, they moved towards their room.

He followed her. He suddenly hugged her from behind, to her surprise & uttered, “Its’s been 21 years, I’m still enduring you, I can’t believe it, you are amazing Neha,” he giggles.

She, “yeah & it’s a glee to put up with all your bad habits, you still leave the wet towel on bed, you make a mess of bed linen, you never help me in household chores, but when you kiss me on cheek stealthily while I’m busy working is the sweetest thing you always do and I fall for you more,” she chuckles.

He, “thanks for accepting me the way I’m, thanks for loving me this way, I’m so lucky to have you.”

She, “love is not just about the smiles we share, one has to put up with the bad habits of their partner too; love is not a cake walk.”

He, “thats so true Neha, like I endure with your stubborn attitude since day one,” he teases her.

She nudges him in the ribs & he tickles her.

They playfully retire to bed & lying side by side, he recalls, “21 years back, when I first time saw your picture, I had an intuition that this girl shall be my wife, I don’t know why, my inner voice told me that she’s the one”

She replied, “so did my instinct told me, when I first time looked at your picture, I knew from that very moment, you’re the only one for me” she smiled looking deep in his eyes.

He, “and then I just couldn’t listen to anybody except the voice calling my heart, coming out of your picture.”

She gets up from bed & holds in her hand the photoframe lying beside their bed, on the table & shows it to him, their first pictures they saw & fell for each other.

PS : This was my entry for #Microficiton #Instincts on 21 June,2013

Contrasted Desires

Drishti got up from bed & started preparing evening tea. Ramiz, her father stood silently gazing outside the door. She went towards the door & stood behind his father. She saw that a couple was busy planting new trees together. They smiled at each other & enjoyed it completely.

After, seeing that, she knew that his father also longs for her mother, he too wishes to relish small pleasures of life. He was dying inside, for his wife had left him recently, for somebody else. He lived for her daughter.

She couldn’t see this increasing distance between her parents. She was on the brink of losing her mother. For her, their home was no more homely. It seemed to her as dark as hell. She desired seclusion with her grief-stricken heart; on the contrary, her father only desired the company of her daughter, just one reason left to live for.

Finally, she poured out her heart to her dad, “I want to stay aloof for sometime or forever, I don’t know dad, I want to go somewhere” out of utter despair, she said.

Her father replied, “please don’t do this to me, I can’t stay alone at this time, please don’t leave me alone, it would make me lose every reason to live.”

Her eyes were brimmed with tears, yet she held back her tears with full force and said, “ok dad, I’ll stay with you.” In this contrast of desires, the girl had to accept his father’s desires over her own.

PS : This was my entry for #Microfiction #Contrasts on 14 June,2013

Love & hope entwined

She entered home, hiding her face & eyes from all the family members. She went in her room & closed the door. She laid on bed n wept vehemently. She was hiding her tears from whole world, from her family.

She had a heated argument with his boyfriend. She didn't share with her family or friends. She stayed aloof & wrote a mail about breaking up. She loved him very much. According to her she was right & according to his boyfriend he was right. This way no solution came out. She kept on typing with tearful eyes while  introspection was also going on at the back of her mind.

She fell asleep while typing that mail in her cell fone. She woke up after 3hours. Her mind was calm at this time. The sweet sound of wind chime entered her ears. She heard nothing except those chimes due to breeze as it was dangling near the window.

She got up from bed & looked at wind chime, it made her smile with its sweet sound. It gave her hope in those moments. She went near the window & peeped outside. Cool breeze caressed her face & she felt loved in those moments. Nature gave her hope to continue with her boyfriend & love him more. She decided to talk to him & find a solution. Hope helped her move on & leave tears behind.

PS : This was my another entry for #Microfiction #Hope on 7 June 2013

Romance with life

Hope is when we continue to struggle despite difficulties, hurdles, obstacles that try to demovitate us. But we strive to win over it & move on with the hope that someday, it will be alright, this problem will come to an end, we'll solve it successfully. This struggle, this strife is what I call Romance with life.

When sombody fails in some venture, s/he loses hope. They commit suicide or stop making efforts, they submit to their opponants (situations/people), they lose the strength to struggle with odds anymore, which is a choice.. In that moment, they choose hatred for life, or to some it might be a burden which they can't carry; the romance with life ends. Hope vanishes & life ends.

Sometimes hope is sought from the elements of nature, for instance, breeze brushing our face as if caressing; or watching moon late night from balcony or terrace as if its pouring love; or the care of sunlight when shivering in cold; warmth of your partner; small effort of your child to comfort you; and sometimes conincidences transpire unexpectedly which make you smile in worst mood.. These coincidences are hope giving in disguise, they are sent by God to keep you going.. Thats another way of showering love n romance by life upon us.

One real life event to conclude, when I saw physically challenged children dancing on wheel chairs & with the help of each other in SatyaMev Jayate( a show host by Amir Khan) My heart told me they are romancing with life & you need to learn from them.. To keep dancing, to stay optimistic, no matter how adverse situation you are stuck in.. For you have legs & hands & brain, you can act & conquer whatever comes in your way.

PS : This was my contribution to #Microfiction #Hope  on 7June 2013

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hold my hand

Hold my hand
& make me believe
that my love
breathes, exists
in trivial moments.

Let us create
a treasure of love
My heart will turn
a repository
of memories.

I do not yearn for
flowers & presents
in my hand.
I want your hand in mine.
Together we shall color our lives.

Come closer & take away blues
Pour me in some bright shades
Give me light days 
Supersede Sun & Moon's grace
My life will illumine in thy embrace. 

PS : Picture by me :) of a friend's hand.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Silence - a choice

The four members, parents in their middle age with their daughter & son, were dining together. The guy had come from Denmark where he stayed for 3 years & worked.  The girl had come from New York where she worked for 2years. The boy told his experiences of staying abroad and the girl told hers. The brother & sister did listen to each other & could understand each other. 

Suddenly, the girl noticed some strange & awkward silence between their parents; they were absolutely engrossed in dining. The mother & father didn’t talk to each other, they were silent. The daughter said to herself, “the deaf ear is a choice, they could have participated in the conversation, to make their children happy, we've come home after so long.” She just didn’t understand what was wrong with her parents. She left the dining table & said, “ I’m done with it, dinner was god mom.” Her mother replied but she chose to turn a deaf ear towards her & went in her room. 

She then went in her parents’ room while her mother was working in kitchen & father was watching television in living room. She checked wardrobe, drawers, and everything else to see what was going on. She suddenly got the papers of their divorce. They had already been divorced since 2 years and she was appalled to know that their parents never let them know about it. Now she understood the reason behind their parents silence on dining table. The girl had planned to tell their parents about his boyfriend & she wanted to marry him, but now she didn’t know to whom she should tell, father or mother? She was on the horns of dilemma, she didn’t know what to do. Now Silence took over her.

PS: My contribution to #Microfiction #Choices on 31May,2013

Black & White

The Pages of Books I read
The Keys of Piano I play
The Blocks on Chess Board I stare
The Red ink of teacher.

The gender play unfair
The races of different colors
The discrimination between colors
The unfair attitude toward folks by folks

You are same hearts
carrying same sentiments
identical tears colorless!

Same smiles pious
Same pace of heart beats
Same excitemement in happiness
Same upheavals

Then why this black & white
creates chaos?
This Black & White
not at all bright...

The colorless discrimination
will set all humans apart.
Let us hold hands & unite
for we have one mother earth,
And one hugging blue sky!