Friday, 21 June 2013

Contrasted Desires

Drishti got up from bed & started preparing evening tea. Ramiz, her father stood silently gazing outside the door. She went towards the door & stood behind his father. She saw that a couple was busy planting new trees together. They smiled at each other & enjoyed it completely.

After, seeing that, she knew that his father also longs for her mother, he too wishes to relish small pleasures of life. He was dying inside, for his wife had left him recently, for somebody else. He lived for her daughter.

She couldn’t see this increasing distance between her parents. She was on the brink of losing her mother. For her, their home was no more homely. It seemed to her as dark as hell. She desired seclusion with her grief-stricken heart; on the contrary, her father only desired the company of her daughter, just one reason left to live for.

Finally, she poured out her heart to her dad, “I want to stay aloof for sometime or forever, I don’t know dad, I want to go somewhere” out of utter despair, she said.

Her father replied, “please don’t do this to me, I can’t stay alone at this time, please don’t leave me alone, it would make me lose every reason to live.”

Her eyes were brimmed with tears, yet she held back her tears with full force and said, “ok dad, I’ll stay with you.” In this contrast of desires, the girl had to accept his father’s desires over her own.

PS : This was my entry for #Microfiction #Contrasts on 14 June,2013

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