Friday, 21 June 2013

Romance with life

Hope is when we continue to struggle despite difficulties, hurdles, obstacles that try to demovitate us. But we strive to win over it & move on with the hope that someday, it will be alright, this problem will come to an end, we'll solve it successfully. This struggle, this strife is what I call Romance with life.

When sombody fails in some venture, s/he loses hope. They commit suicide or stop making efforts, they submit to their opponants (situations/people), they lose the strength to struggle with odds anymore, which is a choice.. In that moment, they choose hatred for life, or to some it might be a burden which they can't carry; the romance with life ends. Hope vanishes & life ends.

Sometimes hope is sought from the elements of nature, for instance, breeze brushing our face as if caressing; or watching moon late night from balcony or terrace as if its pouring love; or the care of sunlight when shivering in cold; warmth of your partner; small effort of your child to comfort you; and sometimes conincidences transpire unexpectedly which make you smile in worst mood.. These coincidences are hope giving in disguise, they are sent by God to keep you going.. Thats another way of showering love n romance by life upon us.

One real life event to conclude, when I saw physically challenged children dancing on wheel chairs & with the help of each other in SatyaMev Jayate( a show host by Amir Khan) My heart told me they are romancing with life & you need to learn from them.. To keep dancing, to stay optimistic, no matter how adverse situation you are stuck in.. For you have legs & hands & brain, you can act & conquer whatever comes in your way.

PS : This was my contribution to #Microfiction #Hope  on 7June 2013

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