Friday, 21 June 2013

Intuitive Love

They were celebrating their 21st marriage anniversary. After the party ended, they moved towards their room.

He followed her. He suddenly hugged her from behind, to her surprise & uttered, “Its’s been 21 years, I’m still enduring you, I can’t believe it, you are amazing Neha,” he giggles.

She, “yeah & it’s a glee to put up with all your bad habits, you still leave the wet towel on bed, you make a mess of bed linen, you never help me in household chores, but when you kiss me on cheek stealthily while I’m busy working is the sweetest thing you always do and I fall for you more,” she chuckles.

He, “thanks for accepting me the way I’m, thanks for loving me this way, I’m so lucky to have you.”

She, “love is not just about the smiles we share, one has to put up with the bad habits of their partner too; love is not a cake walk.”

He, “thats so true Neha, like I endure with your stubborn attitude since day one,” he teases her.

She nudges him in the ribs & he tickles her.

They playfully retire to bed & lying side by side, he recalls, “21 years back, when I first time saw your picture, I had an intuition that this girl shall be my wife, I don’t know why, my inner voice told me that she’s the one”

She replied, “so did my instinct told me, when I first time looked at your picture, I knew from that very moment, you’re the only one for me” she smiled looking deep in his eyes.

He, “and then I just couldn’t listen to anybody except the voice calling my heart, coming out of your picture.”

She gets up from bed & holds in her hand the photoframe lying beside their bed, on the table & shows it to him, their first pictures they saw & fell for each other.

PS : This was my entry for #Microficiton #Instincts on 21 June,2013

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