Friday, 21 June 2013

Love & hope entwined

She entered home, hiding her face & eyes from all the family members. She went in her room & closed the door. She laid on bed n wept vehemently. She was hiding her tears from whole world, from her family.

She had a heated argument with his boyfriend. She didn't share with her family or friends. She stayed aloof & wrote a mail about breaking up. She loved him very much. According to her she was right & according to his boyfriend he was right. This way no solution came out. She kept on typing with tearful eyes while  introspection was also going on at the back of her mind.

She fell asleep while typing that mail in her cell fone. She woke up after 3hours. Her mind was calm at this time. The sweet sound of wind chime entered her ears. She heard nothing except those chimes due to breeze as it was dangling near the window.

She got up from bed & looked at wind chime, it made her smile with its sweet sound. It gave her hope in those moments. She went near the window & peeped outside. Cool breeze caressed her face & she felt loved in those moments. Nature gave her hope to continue with her boyfriend & love him more. She decided to talk to him & find a solution. Hope helped her move on & leave tears behind.

PS : This was my another entry for #Microfiction #Hope on 7 June 2013

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