Monday, 11 November 2013

She - rare to see

Complications survived
More than she

Hatred breed
More than

Puzzles blanked
Minds blanketed with

Tricky is he
Who plays it

Hold you in pain
Rare species,
on the verge of extinct.

Turning more humane
Than he.

Reversing the symphony
Entangled in a knotty

Trying to catch poise - she
Flies & cries
Steals & hides.

Her endurance
A rare feature
A Rare creature - She.

Laughter diminishing
Slaughter multiplying
Every hour.

Grumbles touching skies
but no rescue provides
His tyrant world.

Broken glass like hearts

Bits of love
Pieces in separation
Mingled to form
An incomplete ache.

Some feelings felt
Some emotions drenched
Some days they smiled
Sometimes silence reigned

Love undercuts love
Gaze turned glares
Softness now coarse
Screaming breathe of hers

His heart wore indifference
It was the end
Her heartache strangulated
Her breathe choked

Refused to move in...