Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rescue HER or Rescue Yourself

You killed HER in the womb Men
SHE who brought you life
You Shameful, You Ungrateful
Better SHE had let you die before birth Men
Before you ravished your own Daughter!

She is the one after God & Mother Nature
God endowed HER with that POWER
to give the GIFT OF LIFE and
You wreak HER LIFE !
You disrespect that POWER of HERs'
Giving her gangrene organs
A deadened life!

Soon the Races will Cease
The Descent will Collapse
And no Christ gonna come to redeem!
Rather a 'Kali' will appear
She will Rise to Rebel, to Resurrect
And show you your actual place Men
Which is below her foot!

You cant go a day without HER
You want HER to be your slave
Without showing her desires & getting tired...
And in return what u give her is Assault
Blood, Death, Rape, Acid on face!
Making her sterile, incapacitate,
Along with a disgrace!

But the high time has come Men
Gear towards your own Destruction,
She’s coming with a Sword to Slay you
in the form of 'Shakti'
to behead,
The MahaKali is Re-emerging to Re-enact!