Sunday, 13 January 2013

I flow, I go

The ‘brook’ called ‘life’
Is in a state of flux
Unceasing incessant...

With the ‘dirt’ called ‘clutter’
Which dwells in mind
All the time...

Some people come
Contribute to the filth
While some other revere...

Some came, bullied
Helped me turn stronger
Let me know my strength...

They moved on as I did
With lessons learned
Carved in stones...

Human has this habit of polluting
As they do rivulet
I sail in the ‘boat’ of ‘life’

I continue to Swim
with my Fins
passing the stage of fish out of water...

This stream is moving with me now
& so also the sky up high
Nobody else, just the three of us!

As parts of nature
We all came here as one
We shall have to mingle again...

Before that I would
Fulfill my functions
In this ‘world’ of ‘junctions’

With this rising sun
I aim to rise up &
Illuminate your lives with light.

PS : Poem inspired by Picture of Ashwin @gods_evangelos & also by a comment on FB by Sneha Mehta @SamDLifeCoach. Thanks to both of you :) God Bless.