Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I Saw, I Learnt

When i was pursuing graduation (SYBA) I became friends with a senior Blossom Francis & one day got a chance to meet her mother Mrs. Rosy Francis. She is a widow. She lost her husband after a couple of years of her marriage, her children were just two or three year old then. She has two daughters. She was mistreated by her in-laws after the death of her husband.

She told me that her father arranged her marriage when she was very young. Her father liked the guy while some of their relatives informed that the guy has some health problems associated to kidney. But the father or Mrs. Rosy distrusted them and was adamant to get her married to that guy. So they got married and after a couple of years, her husband died of kidney/renal failure. Though Mrs Rosy donated her own kidney to her husband to save his life but the transplanted kidney didn't work and she continued to live on one kidney since then, for her daughters. She educated her daughters, took care of their every need. Her father also helped her in bringing up his grand daughters'.

Mrs. Rosy's story changed my perception of love and dedication towards the partner, regardless of arrange or love marriage. I was 18-19 that time and my perceptions of love were more or less shaped by only romantic movies then. To sacrifice a body part in real life is bigger than sacrificing life in reel life. And the dedication for my partner will be like Mrs. Rosy or may be even more, that's what I saw and learnt. I also salute the lady for her courage to live without remarrying and dedication towards her daughters after the death of husband.

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