Thursday, 21 March 2013

Reflection in Mirror

I looked down deep in my eyes
traced some queer melancholia
tried to purge myself of pain
lips struggled to smile
finally, adorned my lips with smile.

Again gazed my eyes
He dwelt in those tiny eye balls
In that moment he glared me
Explored my soul
Residing in my heart.

Strong belief overpowered
He'll be mine
even after births pass
intact we
intertwined by Almighty.

My eyes possessed his permanent reflection
My ears heard him even though he didn't speak
My soul craved for his sublime soul eternally
My sole reason of sustenance was he
My heart fell for him infinitely!

PS : I thought of writing it as contribution in #LookingThroughTheMirror post by Aditi @islejazz but couldn't complete it at that time.

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