Saturday 16 February 2013

Words, Marry me?

Making love to words
Like bees collect nectar from trees.
For eons
Boarding bridges
Via words.

Words trudge inwardly
I write as a drudge wife.
With words at my side
I can create tarn.
Without them I go wan.

Writing – the best Bud
As it never fades away.
It’s forever young,
Resound bond!

Words work in a troop
Framing some grand trope!
Words seduced me when I was young child
Now I want you as my spouse, Mr. Right!

Oh! Words can I be thy bride?
Let’s make it legitimate with a feast.
We shall construct an aura,
dancing a waltz around flora

I inhale Words as oxygen,
Writing kicks in oestrogen.
I turn a demon,
Crave for erotic tickles.

Alike clock's tick tick
Words I pick
every second
I form honey out of
a beehive.

PS: This poem featured in Purple Hues, an international anthology published by Sanmati publishers.

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  1. Oh words can I be thy bride... most lovely proposal i ve come across... :-)

    Amazing flow V... just too good :-)

  2. You create worlds with words that we should all desire to inhabit..:)