Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ah! That joyride!

That was a splendid night
When she stole her own scooter,
Fled with her lover
For a ride!

In sheer darkness & silence
where nobody could notice
their joys n jests,
sweet kisses n pecks...

Flew they without wings though
Chilly gale smacked their faces
posed crazily for snaps
while riding & kissing incessantly.

She held him tight from behind
Lavishly caressed hither & thither
Placed her chin on his shoulder
smooched his neck, nape & cheeks more than lips!

Placed her hands open, over his
When he rode,
As two bodies
Lay upon each other & cuddle.

Wandered on deserted alleys
explored Several Silent Streets
where gales of their laughter
played as Music!

Muttered kisses onto his ears,
when out of breath
stayed closely stuck
Jubilant of having each other.

She came back home
Before the morning star rose
Stealthily garaged her scooter
Crept towards her room & slept.


  1. V... This is just so cute....
    Loved it thoroughly... It just makes me go awww...
    The sweetness of love drips from each word and expression... Definitely brings a smile on my face...

    1. =D wow! Sheer Pleasure to make Someone Smile =) Super Awesome Feeling.

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