Saturday, 27 October 2012

Befallen Angel

A Cherub came from Celestial Abode
A Blessing to Safeguard
me from all the Hazard
& Haphazard in my Life’s Ride.

Befell over me, covered me
To protect me & share life.
He hid me underneath,
I felt so Safe Secure Serene

As i got Divine Seraph
We laid-back dormant torpid
Just We & Tranquility around...
Silent Blessed sound

Of our Souls We heard
Uttering we both were Gifted
To each other Forever
To Abide Together.

Peace Penetrated Pervaded into life
Like the crack of Dawn
Light Entered, Love Wrapped
Enthralled, Entranced, Enchanted...

Beheld Beautiful Soul
with closed eyes
Buried the Barriers of World
for Heavenly Consent were sent to Us!


  1. Very Mesmeric as per your blog! Keep Writing! :) God Bless

  2. Let love blossom and let it shine... Let yourself free.. Let all joys be thine
    .. All love to u dearie... Your words seem like that smooth.. Creamy... Mom made awesome shrikhand i had sometime back... Ehh.. Sorry nt able to get it outta my head

    1. Awwwwie Thankoo so very much Jazzoo for comparing with that sweet :D

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  4. Now this really is wonderful, Such pleasant romance is a rare read these days.. Moreover the way its written shows what the combination of Love and Ink can do to a writer :P

    I'll surely look forward to more from ya.. & soon.

    1. thank u so much ghost writer :) Pleased with your words :D yes i'll certainly come up with more & better. Amen.