Monday, 28 October 2013

Mother nature at play

Waking up to his touch
My marmalade like
Radiant face.

Sun rays envious
Cerulean sky asks
For some Persimmon shades.

I fly like a butterfly
Painted so colorful
As dipped in nature.

Teleporting brightness
To this world,
Swallowing fumes.

Wandering like a gypsy
To shatter the shells
Filled with sulky flames.

Exhausted I collapse
My heart murmurs,
"Someone's calling."

I get up rapidly,
My electric nerves
Empower me.

Twilight received my sheen
World needs a fairer moon,
A blaze of amber.

The energy of galaxies
Rejuvenate me
When every being is fast asleep.

PS : This poem featured in Purple Hues, an international anthology published by Sanmati Publishers.
Initially I wrote it as a contribution to #InkBlood #Round2 #Entry8

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